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Find the perfect eBike

How do you pick the right Fifield Electric Bike?

Ebikes come in several styles. All are quite versatile. And fun to ride.

One of the first things that comes to mind is the style. Which Fifield E-bike is the one that you love? Why do you love it?

The next question, normally would be the components on the bike; the brakes, motor, shifting mechanics, etc. Here you do not have to worry as we put the best ones on that we can get, while keeping the pricing in check.

That puts us on to probably the most important part; what do you want to do with the bike? There is a big difference in being a commuter, to rough riding in the woods or on the beach, or storing the bike in your small space. Here is where the descriptions become your key. Which one(s) fit into how you are going to use the bike?

So what do you want to do?

Look at the bikes. Call us. We can help you with test rides or to make the final decision.

Friends and Families

Ride on roads with friends and family

Friends and Families

Commute to work or school

Friends and Families

Be able to store your bike in a small space