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Why use an e-Bike?


What is an ebike? Essentially a regular bike with an added electric motor drive, an ebike allows a rider to peddle independently, or with smooth and silent pedal-assistance.

All the same great benefits as traditional bicycles: They are cost efficient, deliver healthful aerobic exercise and an active way to socialize, and connect you to your surroundings and the great outdoors.

Plus ebikes offer more: Augmenting your energy, ebikes let you effortlessly power up hills, and go faster and farther, and make cycling more accessible to more riders.

Love your commute



Easily peddle 20-plus miles per hour without breaking a sweat, and get to work before your gridlocked co-workers. Eliminate gas costs and parking hassles while being friendly to the environment. ebikes give you the freedom to dart in and out of traffic or avoid it all together on bike paths and sidewalks—and trade in traffic stress for fresh air and friendly faces.

Journey farther



From a day trip close to home, to an overseas cycling vacation, ebikes let you go longer and farther—to get to places you can’t easily access by car or by foot. Use the electric boost to effortlessly climb hills, face the wind, or get that last blast of power to complete a long ride. And if you’ve got gear, an ebike lets you haul more weight than you could otherwise carry while maintaining good speed.

Love your commute



Experience the thrills of racing downhill when you’re commuting to work. Keep your family active and exploring together across multiple generations. Exercise but feel like you’re flying. Be captivated by the rapidly changing terrain and scenery. You are outside, blood and adrenaline pumping. Riding an ebike makes you feel happy and alive.

Race the grandkids



Even if you’re older, ebikes let you stay active and feel the wind in your hair. No stress to aching knees or hips and cardiovascular strength, just click on pedal-assist when the going gets rough—and ride with friends, kids, or grandkids with confidence. And don’t worry if you haven’t ridden for awhile. It’s just like riding a bike (only easier).

Show fiscal prudance



FiField ebikes are practical and inexpensive. All you need is a regular power outlet. You can fully charge your bike’s battery in about 4-5 hours, for as little as ten cents, and go about 25-35 miles running on motor power alone—or easily double that if you help pedal.

Make exercise fun



Riding an ebike is so exhilarating that it’s easy to forget you’re actually exercising. In a recent University of Colorado at Boulder study, those who ebiked three times a week for a month lowered body fat, and improved aerobic fitness and blood sugar control. More importantly, nearly all of them reported the riding to “be a blast!”