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Meet Ted Wojcik

There’s a bit of the Wright Brothers here. The challenge of e-bikes is to eclipse old assumptions and come up with a best-of-breed solution that’s beautiful, functional, dependable, and fun. This isn’t about the financial bottom line. It’s about figuring out how to achieve the absolute highest quality.

Ted Wojcik, Master Spokesperson

Behind every genius bicycle is a genius. Behind our hand-crafted electric bikes is Ted Wojcik, a Yankee tinker turned e-bike design-build guru who has been making bikes for over 35 years. In that time, he figures he’s built more than 3,000 bikes. For Ted, quality e-bikes are the new frontier.

An icon in the bike industry, Ted likes to defy convention. He challenged assumptions about building an aluminum frame just because it’s supposed to make the bike lighter. In fact, the weight of an e-bike comes from the motor and the battery. Our premiere Chatham and Caladesi e-bikes are made from the highest quality aircraft-grade chrome moly steel. It’s lighter, more durable, and more flexible than aluminum. It also offers a smoother ride.

Another of Ted’s innovations is the internal gear system, which works in conjunction with the Gates belt drive. Turns out that belt drives are new to the market. They offer a quieter ride and, we’re happy to report, freedom from Greasy Residue On Sports Slacks (GROSS). Better yet, the life span of our high-end internal belt drive is 2–3 times longer than a chain. The internal gearing means that you don’t need to worry about a bent derailleur if your bike tips over. As Ted says, “We added features to make the bikes as maintenance free as possible.”

Master frame builder Ted Wojcik touts the benefits of all-steel construction on the Chatham and Caladesi by Fifield: “It’s lighter, more durable, and a lot safer…. This super steel actually gets stronger after welding and brazing.”


Fifield Builds Great Bikes

chathamFifield has been known for more than 90 years as an innovative purveyor of specialty fabrics for a wide array of industrial and consumer markets. We search the world for the finest quality products and partners—and apply the most impeccable standards of design and manufacture. Ed Martin, Fifield’s Founder and e-Biker-in-Chief, is proud to be building a range of two-wheeled beauties that people really want to ride.

Think about that feeling of freedom and excitement when you first rode a bike. (Feel free to insert the following memories, real or imagined: the wind is blowing through your hair, the sun is drenching your back, a lakeside gourmet picnic awaits, the road is opening up to you…) That feeling is all yours again, this time on a gorgeous, 11-speed steed that puts real mettle in your pedal. Fifield e-Bikes deliver 250W of electric power to boost you to your destination—and remind you of that first time.

As avid riders ourselves, we build electric bikes to melt our worries away; no more steep hills or bad knees, just pure adventure. Our e-bikes are held to the most rigorous standards; we hand-select components that reflect our promise of a “day at the beach” experience. Fifield e-Bikes guarantees the frame. We also guarantee the fun.

Amazing stat: It costs only $.10 to fully charge the battery on a Chatham or Caladesi e-bike. There are exactly zero emissions.



How To Ride An E-Bike

At its core, an e-bike has the same basic functionality and components as a traditional bike with a few added features. Between an electric motor, rechargeable battery, and custom controller, we’ve made the e-bike smarter so you don’t have to work harder. Every ride is different for every rider, and our e-bike is all about customization. There are two types of electrical assistance: pedal and throttle. Whether you want to use the pedal assistance to enhance your traditional riding experience or utilize the throttle to boost up hills with ease, our e-bike can handle the challenge.

Riding an e-bike is faster, cheaper, and more fun than a car or a bus. Get ready to escape traffic, ignore high gas prices, and get some good exercise (at your command)!



The Benefits of E-Biking


Riding an e-bike breaks the restrictions of dense traffic and limited parking spaces, and not to mention time, space, and energy. It’s a convenience choice and a major safety improvement over motorcycles. The experience is entirely different from riding a gas scooter or motorbike; the smooth, silent electric boost supplements human power. Yes, you still have to pedal, but sweating is optional.

Forget saving the environment, forget setting a good example to your fellow citizens, family and children. Forget about spiritual connection to nature….[An] electric bike can make your life more pleasant and comfortable.




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Customer Endorsements

I love the bike. It is fun & it is fast I cannot believe how much easier it is to make it up hills, I am ready to do the Tour De France. Everybody should own one of these. I am disabled so this bike is great if you have problems with your legs, as much as I do.

Jim Tozza, Saugus MA
Jetty rider

A hell of a fun ride. Riding along with traffic can be a huge pain as you know, but having an e-bike changed the game. It was great having total control over how much I was doing, how much assist I was using, and having that boost when I needed/wanted it, especially off of a dead stop.

Matt Hickey, Chelsea MA
Seaside rider

My Fifield e-Bike makes riding up hills as effortless and enjoyable as riding along the beach. I also love having the option of biking to work and not needing a shower when I get there.

Angelo Grauel, Boston MA
Bonfire rider

What an experience! Super easy to ride. Perfect transportation when you are feeling lazy or even if you just want to go for ride but don’t want to sweat! Must have product.

Paul Yoon, New York NY
Bonfire rider

If you’re thinking of adding something new to your life, you might want to purchase a Fifield e-Bike. You get your exercise in all while having fun. It’s safe, reliable and easy to work. You can choose to use the throttle or shut it off and ride down the hills with the wind through your helmet. You can go slow, fast, pedal near or far. The Fifield e-Bike will not disappoint. It’s not just a bike, but think of it as a fun friend you want to go out with all the time. After my 25-mile ride, I wanted more.

Jennifer Ray, Boston MA 
Seaside rider

These FiField e-Bikes are the real deal! Before I got on one, I was hesitant in thinking an electric bicycle would be for me…then I took my first spin and instantly got hooked. The pedal assist is downright amazing (and fun), whether I want to conquer a hill or keep pace with traffic after a dead stop. The best part about the bike is that I can use the electric motor as much or as little as I want. Depending on my mood, energy levels, and purpose, I can fully use my own power, or engage in a variety of different pedal assist options, easily interchangeable throughout the ride. Now I have no excuse to take my bike out for whatever the day brings! It’s green transportation at its finest. I give Fifield e-Bikes my full recommendation!

Mattu Petrulavage (DJ Petro), Radio 92.9 Boston, MA
Caladesi rider

I recently purchased a Fifield e-bike, the Bonfire, and it has been a blast! From the ease of changing gears to the twist of the throttle for a little help up a hill, this has been a pure pleasure to ride. My daughter and I recently completed a 25 mile ride for Habitat for Humanity on this e-bike, and the ability to use the electric assist was very helpful since I was carrying an additional 35 lbs in my child seat. I go out on rides every opportunity I get, and even when I don’t put in much effort, the throttle assist still takes me exactly where I want to go. Thanks for making the bike available at an affordable price.

Dana McGivney, Rockland MA
Bonfire rider

Fifield e-Bikes are great for running quick errands and going up those hills. It has sleek, solid design and a battery that maintains top speed for hours. I use it for everything.

Dominic Baiamonte, Boston MA 
Chatham rider

I use my Jetty for running in town errands. It is cheaper than starting my car, wasting gas, (and all that other good stuff). When folded up, I can fit it easily in my closet and out of the way.

Glenn Ward, Hingham MA 
Jetty rider


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