Meet Ted Wojcik

Meet Ted Wojcik

There’s a bit of the Wright Brothers here. The challenge of e-bikes is to eclipse old assumptions and come up with a best-of-breed solution that’s beautiful, functional, dependable, and fun. This isn’t about the financial bottom line. It’s about figuring out how to achieve the absolute highest quality.

Ted Wojcik, Master Spokesperson

Behind every genius bicycle is a genius. Behind our hand-crafted electric bikes is Ted Wojcik, a Yankee tinker turned e-bike design-build guru who has been making bikes for over 35 years. In that time, he figures he’s built more than 3,000 bikes. For Ted, quality e-bikes are the new frontier.

An icon in the bike industry, Ted likes to defy convention. He challenged assumptions about building an aluminum frame just because it’s supposed to make the bike lighter. In fact, the weight of an e-bike comes from the motor and the battery. Our premiere Chatham and Caladesi e-bikes are made from the highest quality aircraft-grade chrome moly steel. It’s lighter, more durable, and more flexible than aluminum. It also offers a smoother ride.

Another of Ted’s innovations is the internal gear system, which works in conjunction with the Gates belt drive. Turns out that belt drives are new to the market. They offer a quieter ride and, we’re happy to report, freedom from Greasy Residue On Sports Slacks (GROSS). Better yet, the life span of our high-end internal belt drive is 2–3 times longer than a chain. The internal gearing means that you don’t need to worry about a bent derailleur if your bike tips over. As Ted says, “We added features to make the bikes as maintenance free as possible.”

Master frame builder Ted Wojcik touts the benefits of all-steel construction on the Chatham and Caladesi by Fifield: “It’s lighter, more durable, and a lot safer…. This super steel actually gets stronger after welding and brazing.”


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