Fifield Builds Great Bikes

chathamFifield has been known for more than 90 years as an innovative purveyor of specialty fabrics for a wide array of industrial and consumer markets. We search the world for the finest quality products and partners—and apply the most impeccable standards of design and manufacture. Ed Martin, Fifield’s Founder and e-Biker-in-Chief, is proud to be building a range of two-wheeled beauties that people really want to ride.

Think about that feeling of freedom and excitement when you first rode a bike. (Feel free to insert the following memories, real or imagined: the wind is blowing through your hair, the sun is drenching your back, a lakeside gourmet picnic awaits, the road is opening up to you…) That feeling is all yours again, this time on a gorgeous, 11-speed steed that puts real mettle in your pedal. Fifield e-Bikes deliver 250W of electric power to boost you to your destination—and remind you of that first time.

As avid riders ourselves, we build electric bikes to melt our worries away; no more steep hills or bad knees, just pure adventure. Our e-bikes are held to the most rigorous standards; we hand-select components that reflect our promise of a “day at the beach” experience. Fifield e-Bikes guarantees the frame. We also guarantee the fun.

Amazing stat: It costs only $.10 to fully charge the battery on a Chatham or Caladesi e-bike. There are exactly zero emissions.



72 Sharp Street  Hingham, MA 02043

(781) 927-1511